Welcome to the Blood Gulch RP WikiaEdit

This is a wikia for the Blood Gulch RP (/r/BloodGulchRP)! BGRP is a roleplay on reddit, based on the popular web series Red vs Blue and its universe.

The users of BGRP have done a lot to expand this universe... so much in fact that it pretty much needs a wiki to keep track of it all.

About this extended universe Edit

Soon after the Reds and Blues left Blood Gulch, a program similar to Project Freelancer's combat simulations was started and the new leaders of Red and Blue team were sent to the canyon: Richard Wilcox and Sargent Meredith . There, they fought for years unknowing of the simulation, much akin to the Reds and Blues at the beginning of their journey. Until one day the program hit full swing and dozens more soldiers arrived, adding to both teams and bringing neutrals as well.

Since this new generation, new buildings have been added, extensions to the two bases have been made, and the canyon has switched back and forth between peaceful cooperation and complete chaos.

Map of Blood Gulch! Edit

Latest activityEdit

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